Astoria classic

Like the Argentinian master, Astoria lies at a crossroads, its extreme care for musical quality matching the approach of classical music, up to and including matters of acoustics and recording.


The standard numbers of the 'tango nuevo' are given a new twist and density: running the broad gamut of emotions, they range from the gently mischievous to the warmly nostalgic via the brimmingly joyful, and they transport us from the outskirts of Buenos Aires to the sundrenched lands of tropical flora.

Astoria Poesia

For his 5th album (the Songs of Astor Piazzolla) L'Ensemble Astoria will make you discover the most beautiful songs of the great Argentine master.

On vocals, Jennifer SCAVUZZO!


Passion, charm, nostalgia, energy, tenderness ...

Astoria seasons

The ASTORIA Ensemble presents 8 seasons ...

Otoño Porteño - Verano Porteño - Inverno Porteño - Primavera porteña  of ASTOR PIAZZOLLA

Oryx - Falling Trees - Berkeley rose garden - Cruelest days: written and autographed for the ensemble ASTORIA by Michel LYSIGHT

Astoria dance


Tango is primarily an emotion, an art that combines the grace of dancers to the sensuality of the music.

This charming Tango couple has been dancing together for over ten years. Together they have developed a multi disciplinary technique which combines the Art of acrobatics, contemporary dance and ArgentinianTango.

This extraordinary communication which exists between them both in life and on stage expresses very well the passion and intimacy of the tango.

Astoria "Histoire du tango"

GUEST: Marc Grauwels (Flute)

Marc Grauwels is one of the most prominent Belgian flutists. Eclectic, endowed with an unusual charisma, he quickly gave up a brilliant career in the best Belgian orchestras to concentrate on a fertile solo activity. Several renowned composers, such as Ennio Morricone, Astor Piazzolla and Yannis Markopoulos, have dedicated works to him. He has his own record collection at Naxos. The story of the tango was dedicated to him by the Argentinian Master himself ....

Astoria "Vibraphonissimo"


GUEST: Fumito Nunoya (Marimba)

Marimbist Fumito Nunoya is gaining recognition internationally as one of today’s leading marimbists. Born in Odate, Japan (a small city in Akita Prefecture), he currently lives in Kreis Herford, Germany. He actively performs in Germany and Japan as Adams Marimba Artist. 

His repertoire includes a range of solo and chamber works for marimba, as well as adaptations of Bach, Piazzolla, Japanese folk music, Ennio Morricone and more.



ASTORIA & The New Baroque Times Voices

(under the direction of Philippe Gérard) presents

LA MISATANGO by Martin Palmeri.

A. Piazzolla and M. Palmeri, the meeting of two Argentinean Masters!

The combination of these two composers imbued with living music, vibrant energy, which speaks of love, pain, hope and melancholy seemed to be obvious ...

Jmusiciens 2020